Maple School Pictures

2016 Veterans' Day Assembly


Maple Grade School hosted a Veterans Day assembly with all of the Maple students at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, November 11, 2016, in their gymnasium.

Six representatives for the Color Guard from the Hoopeston American Legion were present for the event, namely veterans Joe Fell, Arthur "Red' Nelson, Frank Rutledge, Jerry Prosise, Gene Hanson, and Bob Duffin.

Nine Maple second grade students - Madelyn, Payton, Cale, Elizabeth, Hallie, Brandon, Trae, Earl, and Hunter - were a part of the program as well.

As a large group in the gym all of the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students stood and sang two patriotic songs, God Bless America and I Pledge Allegiance.

Guest veterans were also recognized - Chuck Grant, Maple School Custodian, Kevin Brewer (grandfather to Khloe), Rolland Lane (Great-Great Uncle Joe to Elizabeth and Waylon), and Rosanna and Christopher Kelnhofer (parents to Roman and Earl and aunt and uncle to Leah). Also present was Dave McFadden (close family friend to Kaedon). Pictures were also taken with veteran Joe Fell as father to Harlie and grandfather to Rilyn, and veteran Jerry Prosise as grandfather to Tinlee.

Miss Troxel's Multi-Grade Classroom also made special art projects in honor of the veterans and they were on display in the Maple gym. Many Maple students also made star posters in honor of veterans whom they knew as relatives or family friends.