Scholastic Bowl is a family of games of questions and answers on all topics of human knowledge that iscommonly played by students enrolled in high school or college, although some participants begin in middle or even elementary school. Participants may benefit from studying a broad range of academic subjects, increasing memorization and study skills, learning to work in teams and expanding capacity for responsibility.

The game is typically played with a lockout buzzer system between some number of teams, most commonly two teams of four or five players each. A moderator reads questions to the teams, whose players endeavor to buzz in first with the correct answer, scoring points for their team.

Results from February 4th

Varsity - Varsity went 1-1 tonight with a 180-110 win over Schlarman. Gage Glotzbach was the leading scorer that match with 3 tossups, with Jaren West and Moriah Dugle adding 2 and 1 tossups respectively. They lost a tough match to Oakwood 130-190 with Jaren leading the way with 2 tossups and Gage G., Gage Kenner, and Erin Hinojosa all adding 1 tossup.

JV - JV had a big night tonight, going 2-0 against both Oakwood and Schlarman. In the opening match against Schlarman they brought home a victory 140-90 with Levi Dickinson leading the team with 4 tossups. Maya Webber and Ashley Bzdyl both assisted with a tossup each. Against Oakwood they crushed with a score of 270-150, with Maya and Victoria Santillana leading the team with 3 tossups each, and Jacob Nunn assisting with another 2 tossups and very strong team play overall.

Fresh/Soph - The fresh/soph team had a tough night, putting up a good fight against Oakwood, losing 100-160. Mason Vorick led the team with 2 tossups with RIcardo Carreno-Diaz and Daniel Lugo each putting up 1 tossup.

Results from February 18th

Varsity had two good matches, losing the first match to Armstrong 260-140, but coming back strong to win one against Westville 130-110. Gage Glotzbach led scoring with 5 tossups, followed by Moriah Dugle with 3, Gage Kenner with 2, and Jaren West and Erin Hinojosa with 1 each.

JV had a big night with consecutive victories over Armstrong 130-110 and Westville 160-110. Victoria Santillana was the scoring leader for them with 6 tossups, followed by Levi Dickinson and Ashley Bzdyl with 2 each. Frosh had a good night, winning against Westville 60-120 but losing to Armstrong 130-50, after the entire team left early to come back for the Winter Concert, leaving Mason Vorick to heroically play 1v5. Ricardo Carreno-Diaz led the scoring with 8 tossups on the night, followed by Daniel Lugo and Mason Vorick with 1.

On Saturday, February 20 we travelled to St. Joseph to compete in the annual Masonic Academic Bowl. The format is a little different than what we are used to, and more than half our starting players were at a Jazz Band competition today, but we persevered and had a pretty good day against some very strong competitors. We played 5 rounds of round robin pool play against Unity, PBL, Rantoul, SJO, and University of Illinois Laboratory School. We were 1-4 for the day, losing to SJO 240-190, Rantoul 210-170, PBL 260-160, Uni High 490-50, but winning against Unity 190-90. Leading the scoring today was a tie between Moriah Dugle, Levi Dickinson, and Gage Kenner with 7 each. Victoria Santillana came in second with 4 and Erin Hinojosa assisted with 2. The Cornjerkers will go on to play their last regular season matches on Thursday, Feb. 25th at Bismarck against Bismarck and Georgetown



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