Brick Project Fundraiser

What is the district’s goal?

The district is continually looking for ways to improve the educational experience for its staff, students and community. We have two goals established. The first goal is to get EVERYONE involved. We believe this fundraiser will be a great way to connect the district, community and alumni from the Hoopeston area. The second goal is to raise money to help support many different district initiatives, while also enhancing the cosmetics of our grounds.

How will the proceeds be designated for the many initiatives?

The profits will be distributed as follows: Educational Projects/Materials, 60%; Technology, 25%; and Building and Grounds, 15%. Proceeds will be shared throughout the district.

Where will the bricks be laid/installed?

The bricks will be displayed on the middle school/high school grounds. The designated areas and/or designs will depend on the amount of bricks sold. 

What is the time frame for selling the bricks? 

Bricks will be available for purchase from the fall of 2014 through the fall of 2015.

How do I purchase a brick? 

There will be several methods available for purchasing a brick:

  • Complete the attached order form and return to the district office.
  • Access a form online at the district’s website, fill in the required information, print the completed form and return to the district office
  • Visit our booth at district events (our first event will be the Cornjerker Classic).  You will be able to view samples of bricks and complete the order form on-site.

Cost of the Bricks:

Brick Size
Cost of Brick

Brick Fundraiser Raffle:

In conjunction with the brick fundraiser, the district will be conducting a raffle consisting of several unique Cornjerker items. Items will consist of jackets with Hoopeston Area embroidery, Cubs and Cardinals steel signs and a 3-foot Jerky steel sign. Tickets will be sold for $1 each or 6 for $5. Tickets can be purchased and raffle items can be viewed at most home events. If you have any questions, please contact Rosellen Cornelius at the District Office (283-6668).

Raffle Items
Jacket Jacket 1 Jacket 2


3 ft Cornjerker
Merchandise available at all High School home games:
Key Chains, Magnets, Cornjerker pot stakes, Cornjerker mascot 22 inch flower bed signs, personalized Cornjerker man cave signs, and personalized Cornjerker magnets.
Key Chain
Key Chains- $3.00
Magnets- $5.00
Cornjerker 22" Yard Stake- $30
Cornjerker Plant/Garden Stake-$10
Custom Magnet
Cornjerker Avenue Magnet- $5
Personalized Magnet  $12.00
Man Cave
Street Sign
Cornjeker Man Cave Sign 6" x 35"  $35.00
 Cornjerker Avenue Street Sign 6" x 35"  $35.00

All items are made out of steel.

Contact Rosellen Cornelius at (217) 283-6668 for further information.