Jerky CUSD # 11 Jerky
Articles published by our staff

Hank Hornbeck


Thankful for our school district
School Improvement Corrective Action and Restructuring
Principal Teacher Evaluation Changes
Memorial Day
Changes coming to the Hoopeston Area School District

Dan Walder

John Greer Principal

Homework- Is it still needed?
Illinois Standards Achievement Tests: Looking at Scores in Proper Context
A Season of Giving

Suzi Root

District Response to Intervention Coordinator

Hoopeston Area CUSD #11 2013 ISAT/PSAE Results-What Is Really Happening Here?

What is This Thing Called RtI?

Alert Now ASAP (After School Assistance Program)


Larry Maynard

High School Principal

Cornjerker Pride Extra-Curricular Activities

Emily Brown

Curriculum Coordinator

A Parent’s Guide to Common Core
Setting High Expectationsis the Key to Success
Changing Curriculum to Keep Up With a Changing World

Linda Sheppard

Honeywell Principal

Moving Towards our New Vision


Lori Eells

Maple School Principal

How to Respond to an Active Shooter Event